Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance


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a)      Third Party Only- This provides for liabilities which you may incur for: Third Party Personal

Injury and Third-Party Property Damage

b)      Third Party Fire and Theft- This policy covers only the third-party liability as above and the risk of fire and theft to the vehicle insured. Premium chargeable is 50% of the Comprehensive Premium due on the vehicle insured.

c)       Comprehensive- This goes beyond Third Party Insurance and covers loss or damage to your own vehicle caused by accidental collision or overturning, fire and theft. Comprehensive cover is substantially more expensive than the lower grades of cover but the entire burden is shifted to your insurers and they must make good the damage to your car even though a third party may be responsible. With restricted cover you yourselves must chase up responsible third parties for repair costs. However, with older cars, it is more economical to take restricted cover as in some cases the comprehensive premium represents a high proportion of the vehicles value.

Three Section of Motor Policies coverage and their Rates

·         Private Cars- to cover passenger cars for company or private use. Rate: 2%

·         Commercial Vehicles- to cover goods carrying vehicles including light vans (pickup vans) and heavy trucks (articulated) 

·         Motor Cycles- to cover your Company’s Motorcycle fleet. 


         The policy provide cover for Medical & Emergency Assistance such as Medical expenses,

         emergency evacuation, repatriation after treatment, emergency dental care, repatriation of

         mortal remains, emergency return home following death of a close relative.

         It covers travellers for holiday, conference, training, schooling and business purposes in the

         event of accidents, sickness or loss of property.

         Scope of Coverage

·         Zone 1: All Schengen Countries

·         Zone 2: Non-Schengen Including Us & Canada

Premium payable is a function of specific destination and duration of stay.

Main Benefits

·         Medical Emergency: in case of sudden changes, serious and unpredictable health status

·         Medical Transportation: actual costs

·         Payment of medical expenses: 30,000 Euros with a 50 Euros deductible

·         Payment of emergency dental expenses: 160 Euros with a deductible of 50 Euros

·         Repatriation of mortal remains: actual costs – Research and lost luggage

·         Advance bail up to 2,000 Euros and legal costs up to 400 Euros

·         Repatriation after Treatment: current expenses.

Motor Vehicle Insurance